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Fire Talk - Silent Era - When The Torches Fade Out

7 thoughts on “ Fire Talk - Silent Era - When The Torches Fade Out

  1. The Fire fading could be seen in another sense as the Twilight of the Gods so when the Fire finally fades, the Gods will be powerless and the Humans would finally be able to rise up and thrive in their age of power just like the Gods and Dragons did before them.
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  3. Torch construction has varied through history depending on the torch's purpose. Torches were usually constructed of a wooden stave with one end wrapped in a material which was soaked in a flammable substance. In ancient Rome some torches were made of sulfur mixed with lime. This meant that the fire would not diminish after being plunged into water.
  4. Jul 05,  · Two albums in, post-black metal outfit Vattnet Viskar seems to be hitting its stride with Settler. If that sounds like a backhanded compliment to the band’s output thus far, it’s unintentional, but Settler ’s merits are such that it considerably eclipses the band’s first full-length, Sky Swallower.9/
  5. Apr 28,  · Set the night on fire Leave it in the darkness Carry your torches [Refrain] Torches Torches Torches Torches Ooh [Chorus] Come on, carry your flame Carry it higher Leave it in the darkness Carry.
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